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Light and darkness (Fraser Watts)

Posted by: | Posted on: May 12, 2004

The Christmas story is about light and darkness, both good and evil. There is a tendency to subvert the story and make it out to be just about joy and happiness. However, this becomes an exercise in denial and pretense. If we make it that, it doesn’t last. We can deny the darkness of this world, we can pretend that everything is sweetness and light, but denial and pretense collapse and reality comes crashing in – even perhaps before the Christmas celebrations are over.

Christmas is about light and darkness; it is about how the light shines in the darkness, and how the darkness can never overcome it. It is about good and evil; it recognises that there is much evil in the world. It is about how a strong and resilient kind of goodness was planted in this world, and is working to redeem it.

Matthew and Luke both have the same take home message – there is darkness, but it doesn’t overcome the light…