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The experience of Christ (Fraser Watts)

Posted by: | Posted on: October 10, 2012

The church gets too preoccupied with what people think about Christ; there’s a time and place for a theology of Christ, but it’s not what I want to focus on this morning; instead, I want to focus on the experience of Christ. After all, it’s our experience of Christ that transforms us, rather than what we think about Him.

I want to look this morning at some of the different ways in which people experience Christ. Some of you may know the book William James ‘The varieties of religious experience’; what I have to say this morning could be a sort of appendix to that book: ‘the varieties of the experiences of Christ’.

There are people to whom Christ appears – as He did in the gospels. You may think that only happened in New Testament times, but it doesn’t: it goes on to this day. One such appearance happened not far from here, in Trumpington Church, about 50 years ago, when Christ appeared to a recently widowed lady, and wept with her as He stood in the sanctuary.

Sometimes Christ can appear through representations of Him, His radiance shining out from a picture. Sometimes Christ appears to people who are very ill…