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Beta Course

Some time ago, Fraser Watts and Sara Savage gave a series of talks in St Edward’s on the theme Being Christian, Becoming Whole. These have now been developed into a video-based course of 10 sessions, with study booklets. This course has been launched nationally as the BEta Course. We hope that it will have a significant national impact in helping people to assimilate the personal implications of their Christian faith.

The videos are a powerful experience, not just a talking head, but including music, dance, pictures, cartoons, and an opportunity for meditation. The course is designed for use in house groups of 8-12 people, and we hope to run at least one Beta group from St Edward’s during the winter, perhaps more. Some of those who attended the talks where the material was piloted may find it helpful to see what it has developed into.

BEta courses are regularly run at St.Edwards. Iif you would like more information please Contact us.

For more about BEta, please see Beta-Course.org